1ER DECEMBER 2010-21 MARCH 2011

GALERIE 1, LEVEL 6 (2100m2)


The MONDRIAN/DE STIJL exhibition at the Centre Pompidou links the career of one of the greatest abstract painters of the 20th century to the story of one of the most fertile art movements of European modernism.

A key element of any understanding of the springs of modern art, between the end of the first decade of the century and the close of the Twenties the avant-garde movement De Stijl (Style) elaborated a vision of both art and society that aspired to universality, nourishing the ambition for a "total art." It was in Paris, between 1912 and 1938, that Piet Mondrian, the central figure of the movement and its most famous representative, pursued his quest for visual harmony. Seeking a universal language of forms and primary colours, his radical abstraction sought to go beyond painting. For Mondrian and other De Stijl artists, the total work of art was the key to a new world, the symbol of a renewed human community characterised by a perfect equilibrium in which each element combines with every other to form a whole.

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