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The new layout of the 5th edition of LIFESTYLEHOTELS – The Book provides clarity in these times of uncertainty. This is clearly symbolised by the use of 100 per cent black, 100 per cent magenta and clear lines and angles. And the quality has remained the same – hardcover and thread stitching. LIFESTYLEHOTELS – The Book presents 96 exceptional hotels.
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One of the challenges of the information age lies in the task of filtering good information from the bad. For the aesthetes among travellers we have prepared a first choice selection out of the great variety of hotels. Since the aesthetic sense, too, is subject to trends, we consider the monitoring and evaluating of new currents as one of our top priorities. During this process it has become very obvious that the superficiality of past years is being increasingly questioned. Sensuousness, authenticity and substance are values which are firmly anchored in the perception of beauty.
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LIFESTYLEHOTELS also shine below the surface. Due to authentic design and by forgoing stereotypes they are the source of inspiration, hideaway and second home to a new generation of travellers.
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Quality is no longer just a matter of packaging or labels, but of the ability to retain value. “Eco-friendly” is no longer just a buzzword but a real part of our lives. Many of our hotels have recognised this for quite some time. For example, the wine & spa resort Loisium Hotel, with its innovative architectural design by Steven Holl, has become a new landmark in the midst of Austria’s Wachau, a cultural landscape rich in tradition.The fact that exceptional design is only justified when it is accompanied by high quality is proven by hotels like the Vintage Design Hotel Sax in Prague, with its original works from the 1960s and 1970s by design giants like Colombo, Pantone and Eames. The works that are not originals were painstakingly reproduced to match the originals. Especially for our hotels in the Alps, the term “eco-friendly” is not just a green-coloured emblem on the hotel’s door, but something that has naturally become a part of everyday life to create a symbiosis with the spirit of the times. Whether this means using primarily organic regional products in their cuisine, like at the feldmilla. designhotel in South Tyrol, or placing an emphasis on wood, like at the Forsthofalm Hotel & Restaurant, environmental awareness is the “state of the art” here. The term “lifestyle” has become hackneyed as a result of overuse in the past. But we have always understood it as a style of living that defines itself through innovation, aesthetics, quality and a sense of responsibility for others and the environment. Our hotels are selected according to these criteria and precisely reflect our concept of “lifestyle”.
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