Seven Hotel

From the creators of Hotel The Five comes a new concept.

Seven Hotel paris
A hotel where experience comes before all else. Le Seven is a concept design hotel de luxe, 28 individually created rooms with levitating beds and bath, starlit skies and a unique sensation of lightness and love. Where the concept really distinguishes is a series of seven suites, designed by seven different designers each with different themes and interactive features.

As we're in creation photos aren't ready yet, but if you're in for a unique experience of luxury and romance you can probably imagine some of what these suites will hold for you:

The Black Diamond Suite: Entirely black, a blend of materials, a glimmer of diamonds and mirrors in the entire suite, feel like you were in a diamond. Massaging shower and black crystal diamond cut bathtub. Black carpet with lighting from below, gold satin linen and black crystal lights affixed on walls. The dark and shimmering feel of satin and crystal activates the senses and the rest is in your hands.

The Marie Antoinette suite: What would Marie-Antoinette’s room look like today? A large bed in padded white leather with pink glass shelves and a domed ceiling painted with a sky, from which a modern crystal chandelier, a large padded bench in the lounge, with crystal in the bathroom and pink fiberoptic lights. If you're in for eccentric luxury you're in for this suite.

The Sublime Suite: Dedicated to women, all in the soft tones and all white like a large cloud with curves and lighting to accentuate those curves. A large round bed with little droplets of light coming down from the ceiling. A large corner tub in the bathroom and a boudoir. Now that you love her, show it to her.

The 007 Suite: With a series of 007 gadgets and a masculine feel. An oversized TV with all the James Bond movies available to you. A 60s-70s universe with a retro feel and look.
A steambath shower to relax after an intense day. It’s a mans world, live it.
For the rest of the suites, we'll let you imagine that.
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